Is Oahu to crowded for your Hawaii Honeymoon?

I recently read an article in “USA Today” that Oahu is crowded and might not be a good pick for a Hawaii Honeymoon. Articles like that come out from time to time and may cause honeymoon couples to pick one of the other Hawaiian Islands for their honeymoon or possibly causes them to go to Mexico or the Caribbean for their honeymoon.

Moana Falls

I have visited Oahu many times over the years and do agree that Oahu has several crowded areas but it also has many areas that remain uncrowded that would be perfect for a great Hawaii Honeymoon.

Just a 10 minute drive from world famous Waikiki Beach is a favorite hike of mine. It’s in dense rainforest and has a 300 foot waterfall after a short 30 minute hike. Called “Moana Falls”, it was featured in the epic ABC TV series “LOST” several times. A Hawaii honeymoon couple can also choose to stay on the North Shore of Oahu at the Turtle Bay Resort. It is the only resort located on the north shore and offers many secluded romantic spots that are hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. It has it’s own private cove where you can snorkel,lay on the beach and take a romantic walk along the shoreline.

Turtle Bay Resort North Shore Oahu

Part of our service is to help you choose fun things to do while on your Hawaii Honeymoon.


2 responses to “Is Oahu to crowded for your Hawaii Honeymoon?

  1. Chuck – great post! I totally agree that Oahu does have that “too crowded” potential, but it can be avoided. And I definitely would never advise anyone to completely skip Oahu totally because of potential crowds … there are some fantastic things to do there!

  2. Great post, Chuck! Sometimes, the media has some truth that gets extrapolated in slightly ridiculous ways, like taking “some crowded areas” and saying the whole island is too crowded. Sometimes, though, that can help people discover there’s more to Hawaii than Oahu! It’s great that you help your clients find the right fit for them!

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